7 benefits of fuel monitoring

  • 7 benefits of fuel monitoring

    7 benefits of fuel monitoring

    In our videos we have already shared a few tips on how companies cut fleet expenses. We’ll continue the trend with one more feature — Fuel Monitoring. Its main goal is to prevent fuel theft. What makes fuel such a desirable target? The prices are always high and the asset is easy to sell or use for personal needs. Yet fuel monitoring isn’t a witch hunt and will be beneficial even for the small/ family companies, where fuel theft is the last thing on the mind of the busy employees. So what are the perks of remote fuel monitoring?


    Stop fuel theft and harmonize fuel consumption

    • Online fuel level tracking. Enable the crew to check tank levels at any time and efficiently plan the route if refuelling is required.
    • Analytics per period. All trips, events and level changes will logged automatically to help fleet owners make data-driven decisions.
    • Fuel theft alerts. An instant notification will be generated and sent automatically whenever the fuel level changes drastically. The message will appear as a push notification, text or e-mail.
    • Engine idling calculated. Idling doesn’t necessarily happen to harm the fleet and yet it isn’t harmless for the budget and vehicle shelf life. Provide the exact data to help companies switch to lean fleet management.
    • Time and place of refueling. Make sure the vehicles are refilled only at the proper gas/ petroleum stations.
    • Average fuel consumption. Provide accurate and fair fuel compensations.
    • Foster drivers accountability. Benchmark the employees reports to see what can be improved.





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