You keep your vehicle in sight with Navy Track!
GPS Vehicle Tracking
You keep your vehicle in sight with Navy Track!
GPS Vehicle Tracking

GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems

You keep your vehicle in sight with Navy Track

NAVY TRACK vehicle tracking systems will provide many advantages to your business. Thanks to our system, it will be easier to track your vehicles and personnel, while your workload will decrease. Knowing where your vehicle is located will also contribute to your customers' satisfaction in product delivery. NAVY TRACK, which automatically records the mileage, will eliminate the problems related to the tax office. Managing all the vehicles and staff from your desk or mobile phone will save you time and increase the performance of your staff.

Route Recording

To be able to take all the roads, routes and waits made in the past with reports.

Mileage Recording

Mileage registration in the format requested by the tax office.

Fleet Management

A system where you can get analysis of all your vehicles such as maintenance, insurance, fuel.


A system where you can get a wide variety of featured sectoral reports and analysis.

Establishing a Zone

Banned zone creation feature on the map and entry-exit control to that zone.


The alarm arming feature that informs violation situations without following the system.

Preventing Usage

The ability to prevent time off usage

Driver Recognition

See who's driving instantly and retrospectively.

Additional Features

Navy Track

Thanks to Navy Track vehicle tracking systems, you can get the solutions you want with different information from your vehicles by using extra modules and sensors. For different solutions, please contact our technical team.

OBD CAN-BUS Data Reading

Driver Recognition

Tacho Reading And Fuel Tracking

Vehicle Block System


We offer all the solutions you are looking for together. The combination of similar solutions as Navy Track both lightens your workload and saves you money.

We do our job in the best way with years of experience. Our motto is to win your trust with a quality service.

As Navy Track, we attach importance to business ethics in trade. We serve our customers within the framework of ethical and moral values. It is our honor to win the trust of our valued customers.

We try to keep our prices reasonable while improving the quality of our services. Our priority is the quality of our service and the satisfaction of our customers.


We always care about our customers' ideas, criticisms and suggestions. Thanks to the positive and negative feedbacks you give us, we carry our service to a higher level. It makes us happy to win your satisfaction.

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