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In the field of GPS tracking systems and fleet management systems, we are company serving since 2009 in Netherlands, Turkey and Belgium. Navy Tracker GPS vehicle tracking and fleet management systems, is a company providing services since 2009 in Netherlands, Turkey and Belgium.

Navy Track has been doing business with the experience and the quality service maxim in the market. With its powerful infrastructure and service quality, you no longer need to worry about your beloved ones, and you will always be sure that your vehicles are safe everywhere. Thanks to personal tracking and vehicle tracking solutions, you will not be left behind in your business and social life.

We are also at your service with customized solutions in the field of GPS tracking systems. We are with you as your solution partner with many solutions such as fleet management, personnel management, temperature tracking and fuel tracking.



Navy Track, which started to serve in 2009, has been committed to providing quality services since its establishment. We continue to serve for 10 years with our wide portfolio. We do our business with years of experience, we provide a quality service. We follow the developing technology. We follow innovations. We develop solutions for the wishes of our customers.

Why Choose Us?

  • All solutions in one
  • A quality service
  • A reliable company
  • Reasonably priced

Our Values


Always Learner

We are aware of lifelong learning and we continue to provide the best service in this direction as Navy Track.

Latest Technology

We follow innovations and latest technology. We constantly develop, renew and offer our products and services in this direction.

Quality and Reliability

We do our business in the best way with years of experience. Our maxim is to earn your trust with a quality service.

Reasonable Price

While improving the quality of our services, we try to keep our prices reasonable. Our priority is the quality of our service and the satisfaction of our customers.

Our Team

Navy Track GPS Tracking Systems

You keep your vehicles in sight with NAVY TRACK. You can control your vehicles from all over the world, keep your powder dry.